Episode 2: Car Wash Business with Rob Madrid

May 1, 2017

Today’s guest is Rob Madrid, president of washguru.com and owner of one of Denver’s premier car washes.  Although he initially started in the restaurant business, he has found success in the car wash industry and has some great insights on what it takes to enter the car wash business.  Rob has consulted hundreds of clients on car wash startups and improving existing washes.  He outlines his vision for the future of car washes and how to benefit in today’s market. For hungry individuals looking to enter the market, Rob details on common methods to enter the market even when entry costs top the multi-million dollar investment. Rob’s experience and advice is invaluable, especially given the staggering resale prices today.   

Episode Highlights

  • Future outlook of the car wash business
  • How to benefit from the current sellers’ market
  • 4 keys to a successful car wash
  • How to find a prime location
  • How to avoid common traps
  • The One Thing: Get advice from somebody who has done it before
  • Top Resource: ‘The Goal’ by Eliyahu Goldratt & www.sonnysdirect.com.

Learn more about Rob at washguru.com and check out his car wash at gleamcarwash.com.


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