Episode 5: Decorative Lights Installations with James Anderson

June 18, 2017

We knew we found a great entrepreneur from the moment we met James.  He has built a successful Christmas lights installation business from practically nothing, yet still manages to live in Whistler, Canada - a beautiful/expensive area north of Vancouver (so there's no excuse!).  James says he learned everything he needed to learn from this most expensive business school around: the school of experience.  When James is not preparing for the winter Christmas light season, he actually owns and operates an ax throwing business! We hope to have him on the podcast again in the near future!


In this episode, you will learn about:

  • What exactly you need to get started
  • What the best types of customers are to target
  • How a lights installation business can actually be run year round
  • Walking through a typical invoice and learn about standard pricing
  • How the best first customer can be your mom
  • Best advice: Take the first step - don't let objections
  • Best resource: wehangchristmaslights.com

Reach out to James at www.lightright.ca or on Twitter @jameswdanderson.


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